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Bert Meyer Bert Mayer - "President" / Founder - Full Freestyle

I am a twenty-something year-old, making a living in the motion picture industry. Graduate of Massachussets College of Art and Design. Beer Drinker. Bearding consumes an unnatural amount of my life.

I rock the freestyle category, though if I could, I would destroy you in natural (but I can't). I've been a member of the BBB since the dawn of time. I just didn't know it until I founded the club in April 2011.

Photo Credit: Shannon Roddy
Jeremy Jeremy - Dirty Hippie/Website Guy - Full Freestyle

I once had a dream. Then I stopped dreaming and grew a beard. It was much better. Now I take the message of bearding with me as I gallivant around the country, mostly on foot, with my beard curled into elegant shapes that can only be adequately described with complex mathematical formulas. String Theory was based off of a particularly bad beard day of mine (it's like a bad hair day, but on my face). There are alternate universes suspended amongst the strands. Oh, and I put this website on your screen. By carrier pigeon. Brad made it pretty, I just arranged the pretty with some fancy bits of code.

Photo Credit: Portraits of Boston
Brad Brad Petrinec (AKA el Jesus) - BBB Beard & Graphic Designer - Full Freestyle

Besides the fact that I've been known to walk on water and turn blood into wine, I have won a few freestyle bearding categories. Originally hailing from the mean streets of a suburt outside of Detroit known as C-Town, I moved to Worcester, MA in hopes of new adventures and maybe a job. When I'm not grooming my facial follicles, I can be found exploring in the mountains in the area... Coming from Detroit, Urban Exploration is also a hobby of mine; so don't be too surprised if you find my beard with a camera inside an abandoned building just farting around. You might also find me in attendance at a local Punk Rock or Hardcore show.. oh yes, and Bluegrass too! I'm also proud to say that I threw the Bureau's first beard competition, Whiskered Wonderland, here in Worcester to raise funds for Child Life at UMass.
Photo Credit: Natalia Klimovych Douglass

Brian Brian Roy A.K.A. "Santa Claus" - Full Freestyle, Full Natural, Styled Mustache

Boston Beard Bureau's triple threat. Styled Mustache, Full Beard Freestyle. and Full Beard Natural. You'll never know what he's going to bring to the competition. He has an all natural white beard that is soft to the touch, just be sure to ask first.

Shane Shane Maxwell - Badassery

Shane Maxwell is an artist and clothing designer living in Jamaica Plain MA. He likes painting, fishing, bowling, beer, the outdoors, neon colors, and plenty of other things. He has a beard and plans to keep it that way.

Matt Matthew Boyanowski- Mad Scientist - Partial Beard (Chops)

Has been Working in IT for CVS for the past seven years. Joined the BBB in January of 2013. When not busy hoping he doesn't reboot a few thousand computers, he enjoys any hobbies that he can find that require an explanation (as if bearding doesn't). Thes include home brewing, charcuterie, cheese and yogurt making, and ironically wet shaving. He also produces his own mustache wax and beard oil.

Brendan Brendan Cheever - Full Beard Natural

Growing up with a single Mom, His highschool friends exposed him to metal, and the follicles came alive. For 10+ years, he and his 90's goatee fronted the original rock/metal band "Controlled Aggression" sharing stages with "Godsmack," "Stained," and the like. He's a family man and business owner who enjoy beer, bears, beards, music, motorcycling, road biking, running, boating, and visiting the lakes and mountains of NH. Both Bert and Brad are jealous of Brendan because, unlike Brendan, they are just a vowel/consonant away from spelling "beard" with the letters in their first name.You can still find Brendan playing live music with whatever his current project is (when he's not in NH)

Nick Nick Peden - Piper - Full Natural

Mr. Nick Peden has been a member of the Bureau since 2011. From just a wee sprout of 7 his aspirations to be like Commander William T. Riker (Star Trek the Next Generation) took hold and he has never looked back since. Yes, his beard is longer than said favorite star but every bearded man knows once you start growing, it’s really hard to stop. Being a part of the BBB has open new horizons for fun, adventure and getting to know people from all walks of life who have a soul purpose, growing fantastic looking facial hair. Nick is looking to have a beard longer than most regular facial hair aficionados and enjoys making “smokestaches” with his Gandalf styled pipe. Nick goes for the “au natural “full and full groomed categories. As well as adding a dab of wax to make his moustache a little special. When asked why he would grow so much hair on his face? His answer (in the true Boston accent): “I was inspired by ya motha…”

Christine Christine Rock - Fake Beard

Christine Rock is an acting member of the BBB as a Wiskerina. Yes ladies she enjoys a real man, a man that portrays a rugged “Viking-esque” beard (or goatee, moustache, etc.) and keeps it somewhat groomed and clean smelling. Who wouldn’t? She enjoys creating inspiring and creative new ways to beard; and thinks that if women actually had the ability to grow facial hair like men (and for it to not be extremely weird) they would dye it and style it to match outfits, accessories and do anything to make them long and luxurious. She spends her days (in between competing and BBB meetings) creating medieval costumes and thinking of new ways to create fun and fanciful beards for the next competition. Colors are the key. She doesn’t see herself stopping until there are no more ways for women to compete. Advice to other closeted Wiskerinas out there: “Be your true self and let your bearded freak flag fly because life is shorter than you think and it’s the most fun thing I’ve ever been a part of. Making beards is like eating Oreos, you can’t have just one.”

Photo Credit: Shannon Roddy

Alex Alex Duval - Dread Lord of Good Looks and Sarcasm - Full Groomed
  • Beer Brewer
  • Beer Drinker
  • Amateur Paleontologist

By day, I am a classically trained violist and musical instrument specialist, appraising, buying and selling stringed intstruments. By night, I do whatever I want. That's my business.

Photo Credit: Mason Barnard

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