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April Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2015-04-04 16:02:06 UTC

We are going to change things up a bit this month. Daytime meeting. What?!?! Yeah you heard me right. At 2pm we are going to head to Boston Burger Company on Boylston to start our day off.

From there we will make our way down the street to hit up the Boston Beer Summit at 5:30. At the summit we have something special up our sleeves. Or I should say in our backpack. We are going to crown the best Brewer Beard and the best Drinking Beard.

Before the meeting we plan on having a small group go down to Asbury Park for their annual shitshow competition. Let us know if you want to join.

And finally to wrap up April we will head back down tto Richmond Virginia in hopes of redeeming ourselves from last year and actually bringing home a trophy this year.

March Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2015-03-03 22:49:54 UTC

PSYCH! There is no March meeting. We are doing too much other crap this month! Three competitions in three different states.

First off is Whiskered Wonderland III. You know it. You Love it. You'll be there. Brad is coming all the way back from Detroit just to keep this baby going this year. THe least you can do is throwdown and party with us.

Next up we are back to Maine. Santa (Brian Roy) will be judging a competition that they have as part of their Facial Hair Festival (a week long thing they do, pretty awesome right?).

And lastly, I hope these other two events will warm you up for a real party down in Philadelphia. Fights and ambulances are pretty normal down there. You don't want to miss your chance to come home with one of their dope trophies.

February Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2015-02-02 22:42:47 UTC

On the last day of Februrary we will have our meeting. This will be a special one because it will be going a little later than usual. Why? We are going to Stage Nightclub.

At 7pm (our usual meeting time) we will hit up Sweetwater Cafe, then at 9pm when Stage opens we will walk accross the alley and head on in for a fun night of dancing. Any questions? Good.


BUT before we do that, on the 7th the Maine Facial Hair Club will be holding a small competition in Bowdoinham (where the fuck is that?). Let's show these brothers some love and steal a couple trophies.


January Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2015-01-13 20:38:43 UTC

Let's go back to Cambridge. We have been Downtown enough. The Asgard! (

Jeremy just updated our website (thank you) if you want your bio on it, write it out, send it to us and we will put it up.

December Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2014-12-11 22:31:22 UTC

We skipped November, but we are back! We had 5 people go down to Atlantic City. 3 competed. 1 placed. We will talk about this probably. We will also discuss next years events.

You know who we haven't seen in a while? Dan. Well, remember our last meeting when we were joking about going to The Littlest Bar? Well Dan plays music there on Saturdays and invited us all to watch him jam out on some friggin' pipes! We're gonna do it! I believe the show starts at 6pm, but in the name of consistency, we will keep the meeting at 7pm.

Feel free to show up early or late. We love you anyways. BRING EVERYONE! Let's fill this little bar!

NJ Beard Trip

Posted by Bert on 2014-10-31 19:20:33 UTC

We are going to Atlantic City, NJ next month for the weekend of the 22nd! We have a few cars already driving down and we know a few other local groups are making the trip too. Reach out and we can try to hook you up.

Today is the last day for discounted tickets using the code "theuniverseismine"

To find out more about the event, check out or see the facebook event

October Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2014-10-17 18:28:53 UTC

We wil be downtown at Howl at the Moon on October 25th. Meeting will start at 7pm, be aware that a cover charge will be in place starting at 6pm. If you want to go early to skip the fee, feel free to grab a table and some food.

September Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2014-09-13 16:22:27 UTC

No meeting in July. Forgot to post the August meeting. Now we are back in September for a fun barcrawl! We will be making our way down the Orange Line with the help of Nicole. We will start at JJ Foleys at 7pm and end closer to Park Street. This will be a late night.

Our event page:

Bar Crawl's event page:

Worcester Roller Derby

Posted by Bert on 2014-07-10 14:05:47 UTC

We will be at the Worcester Roller Derby this weekend (July 12th) at Horgan Arena (400 Oxford Street North, Auburn, Massachusetts 01501). Doors open at 4, matches start at 5. We will be selling our merchandise and spreading the good word of beards.

Also for your entertainment, during intermission of the first bout (around 5:45) we will be having a small beard competition. Get there early to sign up at our table and you could win some sweet prizes!

May Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2014-05-28 12:21:16 UTC

We will be strutting our stuff out to Brighton in this months meeting, gathering the goods at Brighton Beer Garden. There is plenty of street parking within walking distance, so don't hesistate to drive. We will be discussing the recent competition like Richmond and Hartford, as well as future competition like South Coast's on June 14 and our own coming up in August.

Here's the facebook event -

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