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About Boston's Beardiest

Have you ever been sitting there and seen a bearded gentleman walk by with the majesty of an eagle and a confidence born of an absolute certainty of their dominance over all other men? We have too, and that's why we're here. We want to share that feeling with the whole world, and the Boston area in particular. Men, Women, and all manner of space aliens can sport and appreciate beards and get in on this awesomeness.

The Boston Beard Bureau is Boston's local bearding team (the most rewarding and demanding sport in existence). By organizing and attending different charitable events, we promote the growth and appreciation of facial hair in the Greater Boston area, while bettering the community.

What is "Competitive Bearding?"

Competitive bearding is perhaps a bit of a misnomer. While we compete for titles in categories such as Full Natural beard, Partial beard, and Freestyle beard, a beard competition doesn't have a competitive feel. It's about getting up on stage, being proud of your follicles, having a good time, and usually making an ass of yourself. It's about community and fun, and most competitions have their proceeds go towards charity in the spirit of that sense of community. Think your beard isn't competition worth? Get up there and have fun anyway!

  1. No money will be due to the club. Anything you would like to contribute is up to you.
  2. All members must attend a Boston Beard Bureau meeting or BBB sponsored gathering.
  3. All members must have participated in a beard and/or moustache contest (any will do).
  4. All facial hair (including fake) is valid.
  5. All members will embody the good nature of facial hair and spread joy throughout the land.

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