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Posted by Bert on 2017-01-08 02:47:47 UTC
Hey guys, this is Bert talking. Just wanted to announce that I will officially be stepping down as unofficial president of the club. This page is going to stay active as a place where people can ask questions and share events happening in the area. Our club has done some awesome things in the last few years and I believe it will continue to do so. Don't worry will will all still hang out, we are just going to be a bit more informal. If anyone feels like they would want to step in a take the reigns, please reach out. Keep growing.I will try to keep the Facebook page updated with local competitions as well.

Busy weekend in October

Posted by Bert on 2016-10-05 12:41:49 UTC

Looking for some fun this weekend? Head to western MA for a laid back brewery meeting with the guys out there. You can even see Jay jam with his bamd the Lazy 8's

Or if you are feeling more competitive, drive up to Maine for their Swine and Stein festival, complete with beard competition.

If youre hot shit and are busy all day Saturday, take a drive down to New Bedford on Sunday and take your bearded glory with you for another competition.

No meeting planned so far.

Short Notice September

Posted by Bert on 2016-09-12 12:40:31 UTC

Meeting comign up. Short notice sorry. This one is a house party so if you want in you will have to message us on facebook because we are not giving out a private address on the internet. Oops.

Also, in case you missed it. Coney Island was awesome and B.o.N.E. Members brought home some awesome trophies.


Posted by Bert on 2016-08-04 18:17:16 UTC

Next in line for new meetings and breweries we are going to head a little west of the city and check out a little place called Medusa Brewing. Our buddy Justin just so happens to work here. Beer and Beards. Let's keep it clean folks.

I believe later in the month we will also be heading to Rochester for their annual event. You want in?

July Meeting

Posted by Bert on 2016-07-14 16:31:15 UTC

Looks like attendance at Slumbrew is slowing down. We need a shake up. New things are always better, right? Sticking with breweries, let's head down the street to Cambridge and see what they can offer. As always all are welcome at our meeting.

June News

Posted by Bert on 2016-06-09 12:31:08 UTC

We've got our meeting coming up this month @ SlumBrew's Beergarden in Assemlby Row.

And later on down the month, South Coast is having their annual Red White and Beards Bash

Playing Catch Up

Posted by Bert on 2016-05-17 10:19:37 UTC

Sorry we have neglected this homepage for so long. We are still active, but our facebook is still the best way to follow our shenanigans.

Since our last post, we have been to The Boston Tattoo Convention, Rochester, Maine (a few times), New Bedford, Cape Cod, Detroit, Western MA, Austin, Richmond, probably some places I am missing and held another Whiskered Wonderland in Worcester.

So with that weing said. We are still bringing home trophies. We also have a new meeting place. If you ever want to find us, 3rd Friday of every month we will be at Somerville Brewing Company @ 15 Ward St. in Somerville (if that changes we will make a note of it).

Here's the link for this month:

Busy July

Posted by Bert on 2015-07-10 14:10:49 UTC

There is a ton of stuff going on this month so there isn't much room for a formal meeting, but we will get to that.

FIRST! The South Coast BMG will be holding a competition in New Bedford on Sunday the 12th as part of the city's Pirate Festival.

Then a few days later, travel up to Lowell to watch the spinners for Mustache Appreciation Night. First 1000 fans get a Dogman bobblehead complete with real (fake) mustache. Plus it's $1 hot dog night, so you can't lose. Tickets here:

Our "meeting" comes next. Going back to Stage Nightclub on Friday the 17th for a summertime visit with Santa. Brian Roy will be at the club with some elves. We have a VIP table with a bottle to share (bring your tip money). Doors at 9pm, free entry before 10pm, if you arrive later just mention you're with Santa. Please note their dress code.

Last couple weekends are traveling competitions. Toronto on the 18th if you feel like making the trek.

Or you can join a couple of the crew down in NC on the 25th   OR    if you can't make it that far away, the Live Free or Die Tattoo Convention with have a competition a little closer to home


June "Meeting"

Posted by Bert on 2015-06-02 20:39:08 UTC

Not so much of a formal meeting this month, but kind of a celebratory get together. Bert is redoing his wedding and you've all been invited! No facebook page for this event, but you'll all be there so this will be our "meeting."

The following week, Hartford will be holding it's competition with Brian behind the judges table.

Month of May

Posted by Bert on 2015-05-01 14:36:35 UTC

Sorry folks, we will have to forgo a meeting this month. Life gets hectic you know? Anyways, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun.

On May 16, NYC's competition is finally back with Bert behind the judges table

And not but 2 weeks later, if you feel like getting in a car and driving down to Charleston, SC you will find yourself having a damn good time.

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